How to prepare for a singing performance

Ok, so you have a band gig, musical debut, or class performance coming up. What can you do to prepare yourself for the best performance possible? The hard thing about singing is that you have to rely on your body to be working: healthy, relaxed, supported to get a great sound out of your voice.

This is different than just sitting down and playing memorized notes on the piano. The piano is going to work for sure- you can depend on the quality of the sound, the placement of the pedals etc… Sometimes it feels like we are jumping blind when we open our mouths to sing.

Some tips to help ensure your performance.

1. Practice!- Be prepared for the event. Know your melody, rhythm, and lyrics weeks ago if possible. You want to be practicing on a prepared piece. So that when and if you go on automatic pilot during the performance, your body has memorized everything in advance and can be counted on.

2. Be well rested! Heaven if you can keep as quiet as possible the day before the performance so that you are singing on well rested chords. Staying up all night practicing will tire you out. You want to sound fresh and alert.

3. Visualize the performance before. for a few nights before the performance do a visualization of you succeeding in it. See your outfit, imagine your bow, everything. Try and trick your body into thinking that you have all ready done this.

4. No screaming or “Loud Bar talking” for a week before the performance if possible. Both of them strain the voice and cause swelling in the vocal chords which will effect your performance in a negative way.

5. Grab some people you know and practice your performance in front of them. Help to take the shock out of the real event away.

6. If possible try and see the room you will be singing in (this may not be possible). But if it is and if you can get in there before to practice if only for a minute it will help take some of the mystery and shock out of the room as well.

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