At what age is it appropriate to start singing lessons???

There is a lot of question and controversy over what age to start singing lessons.

My answer is, any age as long as the lessons are age appropriate. Until the voice starts to mature at around puberty you do not want to be too demanding or technical with the voice.  There are of course always exceptions to that, but it is a good guideline.

That is why many teachers do not teach younger students voice.  I have always had a different approach and have taught MANY young singers over the years.  You can gear a voice lesson for any age.  Kids who want to sing should have the opportunity, they join choirs don’t they?  Singing privately with an instructor is actually healthier that singing with 20-100 kids in a choir.  In a choir you sing out, are not personally monitored for vocal production, and have to match your voice to other singers around you, blending, not hearing yourself or developing your own sound.

In a lesson, you learn how to sing as a soloist, and with the right teacher you can gain confidence, proper vocal production, and critical feedback.

A young student can learn many valuable things: repertoire- whether it be Disney, Hannah Montana, or renaissance songs; musicianship- solfege, octaves, range, pitch; how to warm their voice up properly and easily; and how to sing healthily- not to strain, or scream when they sing and to sing in a range that is comfortable to them.

As the young voice develops their teacher can expand their repertoire of vocalizes (check out mine at ), and blend the chest and head voice naturally as it comes in.  The young singer can learn proper breathing technique, posture, and how to support their sound with their body.

I think a five year old can take a singing lesson, as long as it consists of the simplest warm ups and easy songs to sing.  I don’t think there should be such a stigma against voice lessons for the young student.  We do not want to turn future singers away.  But of course, no heavy technique or stress should be pushed onto a young voice.

Sing well!

Ariella Vaccarino

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